James 'Joker' Holmes tried Today

James 'Joker' Holmes tried Today
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Denver: James "Joker" Holmes, the perpetrators of a mass shooting tragedy at the City of Aurora,
Denver, Colorado, United States, will undergo a trial of this
day, Monday (23/7) local time. Mutual legal observers now
speculate on the punishment to be imposed for a man who
called himself the Joker, Batman's archenemy.

The trial planned to be implemented at 8:30 am local time
around 19:00 pm. James Holmes is now being held in solitary
confinement in prison Araphoe County.

Police suspect he was using his status as a neurologist to get
all sorts of chemicals in his apartment. All chemicals have been detonated by police in remote areas in Aurora.

As many as 12 people were killed and 58 wounded, including among the three Indonesian citizens,
who carried out the mass shootings Holmes on Friday last. Holmes was though shooting at a
theater in Aurora, at the premiere of the movie Batman The Dark Knight Rises.

While the funeral procession of the dead had been carried out in the city of Aurora church. (DSY)