Liam Hemsworth desires Miley Cyrus to Quit Twitter?

Liam Hemsworth desires Miley Cyrus to Quit Twitter?

Miley Cyrus got the rumor mill going a number of weeks agone with a series of unhappy posts on Twitter. forthwith, the net droning with gossip that there was hassle between Miley Cyrus and fiancé Liam Hemsworth. On Sept. 13, the actor tweeted, "Thought of the day: perhaps it is not that they love you less, they only love you the foremost they're capable of amorous." once fans got involved, she followed up with "& no there's not hassle in paradise.... simply thoughts."

Although prince, 19, quashed the rumors, sources told Star Magazine the tweets were a "huge insult to Liam."

"She tried to pass it off am fond of it had nothing to try to to with him, however it all affected him, despite what she tries to mention," the business executive aforementioned. "She was making an attempt to urge his attention, however she simply all over up creating him withdraw from her a lot of. He thinks she's acting like AN immature little girl, and he desires her to urge off Twitter utterly."

This would not be the primary time Liam has urged his "Last Song" co-star to shut her account. In 2009, at just 16, Miley Cyrus tweeted, "FYI Liam does not have a Twitter and he desires Maine to delete mine with sensible reason."

She later explained her call to quit the social media web site with a rap song. Watch!