Explanation about the color purple Apple iPhone 5 camera

According to Apple purple light flare phenomenon that is seen in a photo taken with the camera on the iPhone 5 is common. According to Apple, the problem is also often approached photos on other smartphone cameras. Apple senditi have provided some evidence to allay fears that the problems that came to their new handset is not drawn -. They explained that this could be replicated purplish light on previous iPhone models.

Apple said the problem arises when the user takes a picture with a light source outside the camera frame. "The light (see the light) is causing the reflection from the surface in the camera module and the sensor camera". "So that generate unwanted biasan" ', he added. Apple is changing kompisisi suggestions such as the angle of the picture or cover the camera with her hand as a powerful light source is next.

Quite alarming indeed, handset with fantastic prices should be welcomed by many dilemmas from users who are so looking forward to his presence. We need to know for iPhone 5, the cheapest is above U.S. $ 600 for the version of Unlock and above 200 U.S. dollars for the version of the contract.