Nude Photos of Prince Harry Generate U.S. $ 23 million

Nude Photos of Prince Harry Generate U.S. $ 23 million
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The incident brought huge profits for Las Vegas

Scandal nude photo of Prince Harry is really horrendous world has been viewed as many as 154 million people. Not only that, the pictures also bring gains free publicity for Las Vegas. The city earned money worth U.S. $ 23 million,thanks to the influence of these exciting photos.

Prince Harry caused controversy when pictures of her naked with a woman, at a party held at a hotel in Las Vegas leaked in cyberspace and public consumption.

As quoted from Femalefirst, as reported in the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA), Harry embarrassing incident was actually a positive impact on the gambling city. The circulation of indecent photographs of Harry has encouraged tourism in the city.

"God bless the Prince Harry. He made us a lot of money," said Chairman of the Board LVCVA website TMZ reported.

The institute claimed to not know exactly how much influence celebrities scandals in improving their city revenue. However, local officials said there was no doubt, embarrassing incidents that have positive effects on their economies.