Houses Destroyed Halle Berry ex boyfriend

Houses Destroyed Halle Berry ex boyfriend
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Model and actress Halle Berry tripped renowned legal issues. However, this is not the mother of a child with problems. He's actually the victim. Ex-girlfriend Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry, came back to haunt and disrupt his life.

Gabriel reportedly several times the dwelling of Halle in Los Angeles, USA. Either you know how Gabariel get into the house Halle Berry. Later, police received a report if Halle Berry engaged a war of words with Gabriel. Even Gabriel reportedly damaging one of the properties owned by Halle Berry.

Police arrest Gabriel by Halle report. The trial for Gabriel had been scheduled on 13 December. Actually, Gabriel should be in jail until he was at the table Greening. However, Gabriel had to pay bail so he was released.

Halle Berry and Gabriel are still stuck child custody issues. Gabriel feels entitled to their son who was 4 years old, Nahla. This issue is never brought to pengadilan.Namun, Halle Berry and Gabriel was never married to. Consequently, guardianship of children falling into the hands of Halle Berry.