These fruits contain lots of vitamin C at

These fruits contain lots of vitamin C at
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Goclix Helath - The rainy season usually comes along with the rise of the flu virus and the infection. Before exposure to various seasonal diseases, should increase your immune by eating fruits rich in vitamin C.

Here are some of the most fruit contains vitamin C than any other fruit, as reported by the Times of
India (24/01).

1. Paprika
One cup of green pepper is known to contain vitamin C two times more than oranges. Paprika is known as the best source of vitamin C. Add bell pepper on a salad or soup to make you healthier.

2. Strawberry
Would make a great addition to a healthy snack, strawberries are also rich in fiber and manganese,
and vitamin C. You can refine strawberry, mix it with a little milk and make a smoothie. Delicious,
fresh, and healthy.

3. Papaya
Beside rich in vitamin A, potassium, and fiber, papaya also rich in vitamin C. In addition, papaya is also readily available and inexpensive. You can eat it straight as a snack to satisfy your daily
vitamin C needs.

4. Orange
Everyone knows that oranges contain lots of vitamin C. Oranges are known to have a sufficient
dose of vitamin C and healthy. In addition, based on recent research, grapefruit is also able to
improve your mood and make them more happy.

Now, have your vitamin C needs today? Eat only fruit on top. Boost your immune system to
prevent disease in the rainy season.
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