Issues Denies Nude Photos, Liam Payne 'One Direction' Confirms He Not Gay

Liam Payne 'One Direction' recently attacked by rumors that he was
gay. That is because the circulation of a nude photos of her sleeping
with a man on the mattress.

The news finally arrived at Liam's ear. The 21-year-old singer later
confirmed the news via his official Twitter account.

"Wow even people think strange photographs spread is me. Frontally I'd
better explain that people can see," Liam started chirping tweet

On occasion, Liam once confirmed the news that he was not anti-gay.
However, it does not mean he likes the same sex.

"I'm 100 percent not homophobic., But I'm also 100 percent not gay so
when someone says I'm gay, I would say not that which was made into
a homophobic," said Liam.