Beauty Queen Killed Honduras, is the Beloved Actors

Beauty Queen Killed Honduras, is the Beloved Actors

Honduran beauty queen, Maria Jose; Alvarado Muñoz (19) was found dead with her sister disappeared after 6 days. Strong police alleged that the murder was a lover Munoz with a male.

As reported by CNN, Thursday (11/20/2014), a lover named Ruiz Munoz Aris Valentin Maldonado Rodriguez and Mejia had been secured and detained by local police. Police believe they were involved in this case because Ruiz was the last person to make contact with the victim.

"Ruiz is a person who indicated frequent contact with the victim," said Deputy Police Honduras, Rolando Casco local television, Televicentro.

Both of these young ladies disappeared since Nov. 13 after attending a birthday party in Santa Barbara lover Sofia. As reported by AFP, Tuesday (18/11), the family call signs and the instructions indicate that the two kidnapped.

However, on Wednesday (19/11), the police found their bodies in Cablotales village, not far from the river Aguagua. Mary and her sister Sofia Trinidad Hernandez (23) was found dead of gunshot wounds in several parts of his body.