Dangers of pregnant women Passive Smokers

Dangers of pregnant women Passive Smokers
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If you want a healthy baby is born, then when a woman is pregnant should not smoke, including secondhand smoke. In cigarettes contained thousands of chemicals that would be bad for the body, its effects on the fetus can lead to disability.

This is revealed in a study conducted by Friendship Hospital Jakarta in 2011-2013. The study involved 30 pregnant women were smokers, 30 pregnant women who become passive smokers, and 30 pregnant women who are not exposed to smoke.

In infants born to mothers of active smokers and passive smokers, weight 200 grams at birth are lower and shorter stature compared with infants of women who conceived free from cigarette smoke.

"Cigarette smoke is inhaled by the pregnant mother goes into the respiratory system and nicotine residues joined by blood. Blood was drawn into a baby conceived through the umbilical cord, so that the growth of the baby at birth is different from the baby of pregnant women who clean of cigarettes, "said dr. Sita Andarini, Sp. PLK, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pulmonology, University of Indonesia as a speaker in the Press Conference of the Congress of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology, 2014, on Wednesday (05.11.14).

In addition to an effect on body weight and height, there are many smoking mothers who gave birth to a premature baby. In fact, the rate of miscarriage in this group as much as two-fold.

"There are many pregnant women who need an abortion and rarely babies born normally," said Sita.

The risk of disability can also be experienced by infants, such as cracks in the roof of the mouth, cleft lip, as well as central nervous system disorders.

Sita recognizes the current difficult to find a pregnant woman who is completely free from tobacco smoke. In fact, the quality of the next generation is determined by the condition of the mother's health before and during pregnancy. (Eva Erviana