Rihanna Foretold Will Die Like John Lennon?

Rihanna Foretold Will Die Like John Lennon?
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John Lennon was tragically cut short at the hands of a crazed stalker who shot him dead. Will fate Rihanna later also like John Lennon?

Who can forget the incident in 1980, when John Lennon died at the hands of a deranged stalker. The man named Mark David Chapman blew up four shots that sent John to death.

Now, a frightening prophecy suddenly appear in the world of Hollywood. There is concern that Rihanna will also experience a tragic end like John.

This fear is not without foundation. As we know, Rihanna is being currently has a serious problem with a known crazy stalker named Kevin McGlynn.

This man has just been arrested in July for sending a letter full of hatred to the apartment Rihanna. Not only threw harsh words, Kevin also threatened to commit indecent acts on the star.

Hatred was apparently not without reason. Male 54 years old admitted to having a special relationship with Rihanna, singer song but Diamond did not admit, even the heart to steal music Kevin.

Judge Orlando Marrazo handling the case revealed that this man has similarities with killer John. He believes that the possibility of a very bad might happen if he gets free and back into the community.

Well, how do you guys own about this case? Is it true that Rihanna's life is now being threatened, and will suffer like John?