Video: Philae landing on Comet Impaired in Early

Video: Philae landing on Comet Impaired in Early
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Boisterous and touching. Such was the atmosphere of the control room the European Space Agency (ESA) as the plane successfully landed at Philae robotics Comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Rosetta mission successfully.

ESA scientists and executives each other high fives, clapping, and embraced when landing happened around Wednesday (12/11) at midnight. Because this is the first time in the history of man-made aircraft landed perfectly in the comet.

Landing is not going well indeed so. In the first experiment, the Philae robotics plane was a bit hit and slightly bewildered. The comet's gravity is very low.

Other problems arise. Hooks to be fired into the comet's surface in order to act as an anchor, failed to fire. As a result the position of Philae on the comet is less safe.

"So maybe we did not land at all, we landed twice," said manager landing Philae, Stephan Ulamec, as quoted by CNN. "Are we landed in sandy areas or other yag something happens, we do not understand fully."

Today, Ulamec said, his team will know a lot about the landing. Clearly, the ESA has made history in the world's major space through the landing.

Rosetta mission is launched to reveal the secrets of the solar system. "Like what actual condition and how it evolved, what role in the evolution of this comet and how comets work," said Matt Taylor, scientists at ESA Rosetta Project.
Video: Philae landing on Comet Impaired in Early