Happy Valentine's Day Make You From 'BIG HERO 6'

Happy Valentine's Day Make You From 'BIG HERO 6'
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Happy Valentine's Day Make You From 'BIG HERO 6'

Valentine's Day or Valentine's day falls on this day Saturday, February 14, 2015. Fall to coincide with the weekend, will make this celebration be more exciting and romantic.

Do not have a girlfriend? Not even recite Happy Valentine's Day? Do not be sad. There are specially congratulate Valentine's Day for you, you know. Baymax! Peep the video below here:

Funny, yes. Baymax is a close friend Hiro Hamada, the brother of the robot expert Tadashi Hamada, in the movie BIG HERO 6. Walt Disney animated film production was released last November and make the moviegoers fell in love with this Baymax figure.

Baymax is a robot that serves to nurture and care for human beings. But when Hiro stuck in a big problem, he changed Baymax and four other robots Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred became a superhero group called Big Hero 6.

Hiro really love Baymax because she is a lovable robot. Soft body makes Hiro called him 'Big Marshmallow'

So, you can imagine dong that lovable robot Baymax the same care everyone give the Happy Valentine's Day special for you? So do not be sad, enjoy your weekend with Baymax!